About Carl Schuurbiers & Studio 4



Carl studied music recording and classical trumpet at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague (The Netherlands) from 1991 until 1996. During his studies he began to be involved in extramural activities.

Live sound reinforcement

One of these activities was the live sound reinforcement of the modern opera “Litany of our Time”, originally a television play written in 1970 by composer Ton de Leeuw. The composer was present at the rehearsals and the premiere in the City Theatre (Stadsschouwburg) in Amsterdam. This was back in 1995.

Radio and Television

From 1995 to1999 Carl was regularly freelancing for a Dutch company called “Raster”, where he did the audio post production for educational TV programmes, commercials, documentary films and cartoons, all broadcast by the national networks.

Philips Classics Productions

In 1997 Carl started freelancing for Philips Classics Productions as an editor, working in the studios in Baarn (The Netherlands) as well as at recordings on location. Back then, the editing was mostly done 24-track from/to Sony DASH-machines into Sonic Solutions editing systems.

In late 1998 the Philips Classics Recording Centre became Polyhymnia International BV after a buy-out by six employees. Carl joined Polyhymnia mid 1999 acquiring a share in the company.


From 1999 until 2005 Carl worked at Polyhymnia as editor, recording engineer and later also as producer. He also became an IT expert in his own right and as such he designed and maintained the first central storage solution at Polyhymnia: A Linux server with a SCSI-RAID attached in a network with the Pyramix audio workstations. Carl also managed the internet connection with VPN access for remote management, and the Alcatel 4200 phone system.

Furthermore, Carl was involved in the development of SACD in its early days. As a consultant to the Philips Natlab he helped them to understand the editing process and workflow from a user’s point-of-view which resulted in a system with which one could edit DSD. At that time they could technically edit the DSD-stream, but there was no interface. The resulting solution was to convert DSD files to PCM files (the standard audio format commonly in use) that could then be normally edited with standard PCM equipment. The resulting metafile as saved by the Sonic Solutions software, describing the edit, would then be read by specially designed software that applied the same edits to the native DSD files resulting in an edited DSD file.

Carl also provided assistance for Labels that were new to SACD: troubleshooting equipment and training engineers.

Caro Mitis

In 2003 Carl became part of the Polyhymnia team that started doing SACD recordings for a new Russian label, called Caro Mitis. Carl has edited all the productions to date for this record label. On one of the albums he is even featured as natural trumpet player.

In 2005 Carl stopped working full-time for Polyhymnia but remains co-owner of the company and continues his involvement in the Caro Mitis recordings and occasional other projects for Polyhymnia on a freelance basis. In his free time he starts gathering knowledge and experience in the areas of video, graphic design and print.

Studio 4

After moving to South Tyrol, Carl started “Studio 4” to accommodate his freelance activities in the areas of audio and video production, graphic design and print. You can read more about the studio itself here.


Carl speaks Dutch, English, German, Italian and Russian.


Carl is also a musician and plays trumpet (C and Bb), flügelhorn (Bb), natural trumpet (D-C-Bb 440 and 415), Euphonium and keyboards. Carl also teaches.

Computer knowledge

Carl has experience with various operating systems: Mac OS, Linux and Windows on an above-average level. Basic knowledge of C programming language. He can handle shells and scripts.


Carl Schuurbiers is a self-employed multi-talented producer, editor, recording engineer and trumpet player. He has just moved to Munich in Germany and works all over the world. Apart from Music, Audio and Video, he also deals with graphic design and print, thus being able to take care of complete media productions from concept to finished product. Carl speaks English, Dutch, German, Italian and Russian.